The Process
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If you have seen traditional concrete products installed before, you might be familiar with the general level of "mess" that occurs during their process. do we install your new curbing without disrupting your landscaping, bringing heavy trucks across your driveway or lawn, or making a mess of your street?  Read on....

1. The most important step in the process of beautifying your yard is our initial meeting.  It is at this time that we meet with you, examine your property, show you our product and most importantly learn about what you want to accomplish.   We will listen to your plans and ideas, discuss any problem areas you might be aware of, and work together to create a solution that meets your needs. 

2. Within a few days of your installation, we will arrange a time that is convenient for you to spray out the shape and location of the curbing to be installed.  This is the final step before installation and it is your opportunity to make any changes or modifications to ensure that we get everything just right on installation day.

3. On the day of your installation, we use a motorized edger to dig down approximately 1-2 inches in the shape that your new curbing will be installed.  Our machine mulches the grass and soil into a fine material which piles up neatly along side our machine.  It can be raked neatly into your landscape bed (if it is a newly formed bed without mulch or stone) or we can pick it up and either take it with us or dispose of it neatly on another part of your property.  Since it is just finely ground grass and soil, it makes great mulch or filler for a low spot in your lawn. 

4. The concrete curb mix is then carefully prepared in our mixer to ensure consistent color and     quality.  We hand carry the mix to our specialized curb machine which produces your curb in one continuous piece.  There are no large trucks or destructive equipment brought onto your property.  On occasion, and only with your permission, we may ask to bring our equipment onto your driveway if you happen to have a home that sits further back from the road. 

5. As the curb is being extruded, we hand finish it to a smooth and even texture.  At this time, we stamp or roll patterns onto the curb (if you have chosen this option).  We also cut control joints approximately every 3 feet to help prevent cracking.  If the curb does crack, as is common in concrete, the cracks should occur in the control joints and be much less noticeable. 

6. Once the curbing is complete, it is recommended that you have us seal it to bring out the beauty of your selected pattern.  It also provides UV protection to help keep your curbing looking it's best through the seasons. 

7. Before we are leave, we clean up any small amount of material that is left and leave your yard looking better then when we showed up.  In all likelihood, your curb will be installed in less than a day!