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Landscape Curbing is our passion at CurbScapes of New York.  It is what we do best and what makes us different from most landscape companies.  However, we also offer a full range of services for our customers that have a need for them.  They are as follows:

Decorative Landscape Curbing !
Check out our gallery page for a few examples of how curbing can beautify your home or business.

New landscape bed formation or expansion of existing beds!
We can use our experience and knowledge to completely design your landscaping or make suggestions to add to your already great looking yard.

Stone, mulching or topsoil in landscape beds or other areas!
Let us do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your free time!

Small excavation services!
We have equipment that essentially acts as a "back saver" for homeowners.  Our equipment does little to no damage to your lawn and can save you countless hours of work.  Ask us about your particular project for pricing.

Plantings and trees!
We can add to existing beds or plant new ones.

Garden paths or walkways!
We can extrude, color, and stamp a 24" walkway using the same machines we use to form your curbing.  Because we use no forms or heavy concrete trucks, we can do this much more efficiently, less expensive and without the yard disturbance caused by regular poured concrete methods.

Lawn irrigation!
We can install inground sprinkler systems for your lawn, landscape beds, flower boxes or other areas that need irrigation.  We also have the ability to install Well Points to drive your sprinklers meaning no expensive city water bills!  Well points are also extremely effective in recycling lawn fertilizers and redistributing them over and over on your lawn.

Drainage Systems!
If you have a water problem or just need water to drain from your landscape beds, please ask us about our many solutions to keep your yard looking its best.