Some of our most popular patterns are shown below! Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.
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SingleAshlar      Flagstone  H-Brick    Running   Riverstone   Slate       Spanish   Random
Brick TextureBondTexture     Texture      Rock

Ashlar  Slate      Split Stone   Granite     Brick Bond     Paver    Angled Brick   Basketweave
  Stone      w/Granite  w/Granite

Herringbone    Offset Bond     Cobblestone

Bark        Custom     Diamond   Hawaiian  Moonscape  Pebble     Rock        Wood       Random
Texture      Score  Lava  Beach      Salt  w/Nails      Stone

*Colors shown above may vary upon installation. Variations can occur due to differences in cement, aggregates and method of application.

*New Custom Curb Program*

If you would like to have a specific shape or pattern created just for you, ask us about our new custom curb program!

Optional Patterns: