Border Styles
Mower Edge
This design is nice if you want a solid color, smooth curb with no stamping or texturing.  The front edge is approximately 2" high.and is placed level with the ground. This allows you to run your lawn mower wheel on it, hence the name, creating a nice clean cut edge. Installed in plain gray or several other colors, it is our most economical style.

Our best selling style! The front edge is also approximately 2" high and placed level with the ground. This style is used with our stamping and roller textures.  The angle of the front surface is perfect for showcasing the pattern and color. It is available in any of our colors, patterns or textures giving you a wide variety of choices for the look of your landscaping.

This style can be used in residential or commercial applications, such as parks or playgrounds, or anywhere that a curb separation is desired.  It can also be used to border paver walkways or help retain soil in areas prone to washing out.

Driveway Liner
This curb is similar to the block style, but is 8 inches wide instead of 6 inches.  This results in a more substantial looking border.  It can be made in any of our colors or in plain gray.  We can also produce it in either our premium "Stone Series" textures, which offers the look of natural stone at a fraction of the cost, or in a limited selection of our standard stamps.

This shape is a bit less common but is used to form some of our premium shapes in a smaller curb.  It can also be installed as a smooth dome shape in either plain gray or our selection of colors.

Garden Walkway
Our machinery can produce a beautiful 24 inch wide walkway in any of our colors.  It can also be stamped or textured from a choice of one of our available patterns.  The advantage of our paths is that they eliminate the need to have large concrete trucks in your yard as well as the mess usually associated with traditional concrete installations.  They are also much more affordable then typical stamped concrete installations because our production methods simply cannot be reproduced by any other method. 
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Standard Profiles
Optional Profiles