Every property owner needs to maintain some type of edging to keep their landscaping and lawn separate. Until now, most people have used wood, plastic, brick, stone or pre-formed  pieces of concrete or plastic. A lot of time, effort and expense is spent to prepare the ground and install them.  Unfortunately, these products suffer from many problems such as decay, brittleness, movement and discoloration.  In the end, none of these products really work and year after year more time and money is spent simply trying to correct their shortfalls.  How frustrating is it to constantly have to pick grass or weeds out of your bricks?  Or, worse yet, to continually have to pull up or reset that black plastic edging that NEVER stays in place. 

Decorative landscape curbing solves all of these problems!  It is the only permanent edging that is both highly attractive and very affordable. Produced by a unique automated process, the curb is formed on site as a continuous concrete border. Because there are no individual pieces to shift or move, it remains in place and looks beautiful for the life of your landscape. With many colors and styles to choose from, your new landscape curb will be the last edging you’ll ever need!

●  Installation is quick with little or no mess. Most jobs are completed in just 1 day!   
●  It’s durable, permanent and virtually maintenance free.
●  Provides weed barriers for landscape beds, patios, walkways and driveways.
●  Helps prevent soil erosion or wash out of mulch during rainstorms
●  Helps save money by preserving bedding materials.
●  Creates a beautiful clean edge between your landscaping and lawn.
●  Can be installed on existing beds without disturbing landscape. 
●  Other edging products rust, rot, break or shift but curbing remains vibrant and in place     year after year!
●  No other landscape edging product offers the beauty and ease of maintenance that
   decorative concrete curbing provides.

It’s Attractive!

●  Curbing beautifies and compliments any landscape setting.
●  A clean, distinctive look that puts the finishing touch on your landscape.

It’s Stylish!

●  A wide range of colors and accents to choose from means endless possibilities for the      appearance of your edging.

It’s Versatile!

●  Matches any architectural style home, with looks of brick, stone, slate and many others.
●  Curbing can border flower beds, mailboxes, driveways, tree rings, patios, pools, fences      and many other applications!

It’s Affordable!

●  Decorative concrete curb is simply the most cost-effective, attractive and sensible     edging product available today!

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